Who Has Latex?  Who Doesn’t? 

The problem with 99% of all Mattress Review Sites is they only show you the companies that are paying them commissions

If you search for latex mattresses in any search engine, your results will often include mattresses that contain no latex. There’s a simple explanation for these results. In today’s marketing, memory foam mattress retailers are attempting to piggyback off the latex marketing. More often than not, these retailers will advertise and target consumers looking specifically for latex, even though their mattresses do not contain latex. They use this strategy because it gives them an opportunity to convert you to memory foam or another type of mattress before you figure out it doesn’t contain latex. Flashy websites and marketing can obscure true value. That is why we present clear cut facts you can use in making the best latex mattress purchase.

Flashy Websites & Marketing Spin
Over the past five (5) years, the mattress industry has gone through a complete reconstruction, fueled by the internet and new technologies in distribution and packaging. With these innovations, there have been over 200+ new companies that have emerged, backed by high powered marketing companies. In all fairness, they clearly state that they are “marketing companies selling mattresses” not mattress manufacturers.  

To make this experience as pleasant as possible, we have provided an alphabetical list of brands that contain latex and how much. We have also included the companies that do not contain latex to provide an accurate comparison.

 Mattress Company Latex Content
4Sleep None
ABC Essentials 6″
Addable Mattress None
Agility by Therapedic 1″
Amazon 8″
Ameena- US Mattress None
Amerisleep None
Amore Beds None
Amore Beds None
Astra Beds  9″
Atlantic Beds 9″
Aviya Mattress None
Avocado Green Mattress  3″
Bear Mattress  None
Bed In A Box None
Bedaga 1″
Bedmasters 3″
Bedrooms & More 8″
Bella Bed 8″
Berkely Ergonomics  8″
Big Fig  1/2″
Bio Sleep  9″
Bloomingdales None
Bob’s Furniture None
Boyds None
Brentwood Home  4″
Brickell Mattress  8″
Next 26-50 Companies
Brooklyn Bedding None
Capitol Bedding  2.5″
Casper None
Classic Brands 3″
Cocoon Chill-Sealy None
Cozy Pure  9″
Craigs Bed 1.5″
Crave Mattress  1.5″
Design Sleep 8″
Denver Mattress Company 3″
Diamond Mattress 2″
Dixie Foam  6″
Doze Bed None
Dream Cloud 1″
DreamFoam 9″
Mattress Firm
Dream Bed
Dromma 1.5″
Eclipse Mattress None
Eco Terra 2.5″
Eight Sleep None
Elements Dreamfoam 3
Emma Mattress Unspecified
Endy Sleep None
Ergovea 10″
Eve Mattress None
Everlay Unspecified
Next 51-75 Companies
Everton Mattress None
Eyri 1.5″
Flexus Comfort 8″
FloBeds 8″
Foam Order 8″
Foam Source 8″
Foam Sweet Foam 9″
GlideAway None
Ghost Bed  1.5″
Ghost Bed Luxe  None
Goliath 3″
Green Sleep  
Habitat Furnishings 9″
Happsy  2″
Healthy Back 10″
Healthy Choice Mattress 9″
Helix Sleep None
Hero Bed None
Hevea Bliss Unspecified
Hibernate 8″
Hibr None
Hyde & Sleep (UK) ?
Hyphen Sleep None
Idle Sleep ?
IKEA  7″
iKrema None
Just Sleep beds Unspecified
Kaya Sleep None
Keetsa None
Kiss Mattress  1.5″
Next 76-100 Companies
Land & Sky None
Langria None
Latex Bliss 8″
Latex for Less 9″
Layla Sleep None
Leesa None
Legend Sleep  12″
Lifekind-The Euro 6″
Live and Sleep 4″
LinenSpa None
Loom & Leaf None
Lucid 3″
Lull None
Luma Sleep  13.5″
Luxi Sleep  2″
Matrix Sleep  0″
MattSleep 1″
Mattresses.net 8″
Mattresses 247 6″
Muse None
My Essentia 8″
My Green Mattress – Natural Escape Hybrid  3
My Pillow None
Nature’s Sleep None
Naturepedic  3″
Nature’s Rest  8″
Nature’s Sleep  8″
Natures Spa 3″
Nectar Sleep None
Nest Bedding  3″
New Sleep
Northwest Bedding  9″
Nolah None
Novosbed None
Nuvanna None
Next 101-125 Companies
Obasan 8″
Ommage Sleep  10″
OMI Mattress  9″
OnPurple None
OSO Mattress 1.5″
Organic Sleep Systems  9″
Origin Mattress  Unspecified
Pacific Mattress Float Foam
Pangea Bed Unspecified
Perfect Cloud None
Perfect Pressure None
PerformaSleep None
PlushBeds  8″
Posh & Lavish  9″
Pons None
PranaSleep-City Mattress  8″
Puffy Mattress  None
Pura Sleep None
Pure Comfort By Norwood  12″
Pure Latex Bliss Unspecified
Pure-Rest 9″
Pure Talalay Bliss 8″
Qomfort None
Rally None
RestRight Mattress IAdjust 9
Reverie Sleep  3″
Revive None
Restonic Unspecified
Ritebed 1″
Rush Mattress 10″
Next 126-150 Companies
Saatva None
Safavieh None
Sapira None
Savvy Rest  9″
Sedona Sleep None
Simba Sleep 1.5″
Sleep 6 None
Sleep Animalzzz None
Sleepeve None
Sleep EZ  9″
Sleep Number None
Sleep On Latex  7″
Sleeping Duck (Adj) Unspecified
Sleeping Organic  9″
Sleep Science  8″
Sleep Works Classic  8″
Sleepys  None
Smarttress  None
Soaring Heart Unspecified
SoLay None
Solstice Sleep  5″
Sonno Bed 2″
Sovn European Sleep Works  8″
Spindle Mattress  9″
Suissly None
Suite Sleep  9″
Summerfield Mattress 8″
Sunday 6″
Sweet ZZZ 3″
Next 150-175 Companies
TenderSleep (UK) 2″
The Linen Tree 8″
The Natural Bed  9″
The Organic Bedroom Unspecified
Tomorrow Sleep None
Tuft & Needle None
Tulo by Mattress Firm (UK)  
Tweak Slumber (UK) ?
Ultimate Sleep 10″
Unicorn Sleep Unspecified
Urban Mattress None
US Mattress 3″
Verlo Mattress 8″
Voila Box  1″
Washable None
Whisper None
White Lotus Home 6″
WinkBed None
WJ Southard  9″
Wolf Mattress Corportation None
YogaBed None
Young Bed None
Zenhaven  10″
Zinus None
Zotto Sleep  9″
Zula Bed  None