Natural Latex Mattresses

Natural latex mattresses are mattresses that contain only latex foam on the inside. Mattresses that contain memory foam, coils, or other synthetic materials do not qualify as a natural latex mattress, even if they contain some latex. The mattress brands highlighted here make mattresses that contain latex only.

Sleep EZ Lifetime Dreams

“As a true factory direct with 41 years of experience, we eliminate middle-man markups and bring substantial savings to our customers. But the most important thing we deliver is “value”; that is the only thing we will be remembered for, and in the end judged.” Starting at $1,150, click here to learn more.

Sleep EZ Roma

“We designed the Roma Mattress to offer 2 different levels of support – medium and firm – accessible by a simple flip of the mattress. You’ll sleep better on the Roma thanks to the combination of sound ergonomics, non-toxic organic materials and the peace of mind knowing that you got the best value for your money.” Starting at $760, click here to learn more.

Latex Mattress Factory

“We have kept the Naturale simple, as nature intended sleep to be. Select your mattress size, latex firmness and mattress thickness and you’ll be well on your way to sleeping healthier.” Starting at $835, click here to learn more.


Handcrafted in America of 100% natural American Talalay latex, layered with breathable 100% organic New Zealand wool and wrapped in lush organic cotton, Zenhaven takes you to new heights of comfort and health. From $1,899, click here for details.


“At PlushBeds, that’s exactly what we specialize in. We manufacture and sell luxury mattresses that promote good health and facilitate quality sleep.” Starting at $1,199, click here to learn more.


“At FloBeds, we take pride in being the original personally crafted mattress company. Family owned and operated since 1971, we ship our famous FloBeds throughout the country and all over the world, and in just a few small boxes, saving you money and conserving natural resources!”  From $1,699, click here for details.

Savvy Rest

Savvy Rest organic mattresses are made of natural latex rubber, certified organic wool, and certified organic cotton. Our mattresses are also customizable, so you can choose an exact configuration to fit your specific needs  Starting at $3,099, click here to learn more.

Foam Sweet Foam

Foam Sweet Foam has been making latex mattresses for over 30 years, sourcing their materials directly from the manufacturers to keep their prices competitive.  Starting at $1,599, click here to learn more.

Nest Bedding

“Our organic and natural mattresses are held to the highest of Nest Bedding standards. In addition, we promise to provide customer service that exceeds that of all other brands.” Starting at $599, click here to learn more.