Vita Talalay-the healthy sleep experience

Who is Vita Talalay?

Vita Talalay is the oldest of the two official talalay latex producers in the world. They already produce talalay since 1961. The Dutch company produces a natural comfort material of the highest quality which can be found inside a latex mattress, latex mattress topper or latex pillow of high-end brands around the world. It is second to none in terms of ventilation, durability and comfort when compared to other conventional comfort materials.


Healthy sleep is at the heart of what they do

Over the years they invested in their production process to become more healthy for people and the environment. Vita Talalay latex is produced in a fully sustainable manner without ever compromising on comfort. The patented recipe contains no harmful artificial additives or fillers. The latex has been assessed, so were all other materials that help the latex turn from liquid into a latex foam. This has been independently verified by international institutions through numerous certifications. Natural Vita Talalay is made with only pure natural latex and is certified by Eco-Institut, OEKO-TEX and Cradle-to-Cradle.

A truly refined production process

For over 50 years, they have been able to refine their production process just as the inventor Joseph Talalay would have intended it. Two of the nine production steps that make Vita Talalay stand out are freezing and vacuuming. They are what allow the perfectly large round open cell structure to form and provide the comfort material with its unsurpassed properties and benefits. The roundness creates a lifting comfort, aligning the spine, reducing pressure points. The openness creates the breathability that allows it to sleep less humid and not warm in comparison to conventional foams and latex. Rest assured, quality control has always been imperative to Vita Talalay, which means that no product leaves the premises without meeting strict quality standards.

1.  Mixing

The latex is whipped until it is very airy.

2.  Filling

Then it is poured into the mold, filling it to 30-60%. The more latex fill in the mold, the denser and firmer the resulting block will be.

3.  Vacuuming

A vacuum is created allowing the latex to evenly expand while round bubbles form.

4.  Freezing

The mold is flash frozen down to -30Celsius (-22Fahrenheit), which allows the air bubbles to burst open and connect with each other.

5.  Gelling

A natural gel is added into the mix which ensures that the perfectly round open cells will receive their shape retaining properties.


6.  Vulcanising

The latex is vulcanized as the mold is heated up to 115Celsius (+235 Fahrenheit) to essentially bake the latex into its solid form.

7.  Washing

Every block of latex is thoroughly washed to ensure that the comfort material is clean, pH neutral and has a good smell

8.  Post-Vulcanising

The freshly cleaned talalay blocks are placed in a massive oven and baked for another 8.5 hours at 85Celsius (135 Fahrenheit). No other bedding material manufacturer spends so much effort to create a long lasting performance product.

9.  Quality Control

Pressure is applied to up to 15 spots on every single block with an ILD meter. If the sensors pick up even the slightest difference, the block will not pass inspection.