You’ve been tossing and turning for quite some time….I don’t mean hours…..I mean years! You did your research and decided that all the information you gathered on natural latex would be the answer to your prayers for a good night’s sleep.
Your bed arrived, it’s all set up and you’re ready for that first great sleep you so well deserve. You climb in bed and think “This feels waaaay different than usual! Your body recognizes you are sleeping on something new. The morning comes and you may wake up saying to yourself, “Wait a minute I’m not sure how I feel or how well I slept last night. How can this be?” Everything you read about latex was so great. It was supposed to give the very best support to your body. It was to conform to your shape, spring back to it’s original form immediately when you moved or rolled over on your side and so on so you would wake fresh, rested and ready to go!
When you introduce your body to a new latex bed the adjustment period any one person experiences will vary. Some people will have very little adjustment period. Usually the lighter a person is the less time it will take for them to enjoy the new feel. Others may take a while to adjust.
Our spine while sleeping is supposed to be in the same position as it is when we are standing erect. When our body has been sleeping on a bed for a long period of time that doesn’t give us the support we need the muscles in our back will try to compensate and can become strained. The muscles are working at night when they should have the night off. They become trained over a period of time for what they have to do and they need time on a new bed to realize the change.
If you sleep on a new mattress a couple of nights and feel the need to change it out– you just haven’t begun to give it a chance! Remember how long you put up with your old uncomfortable bed before giving it the boot? We work diligently with our customers to get the right support and the right comfort for them. Our experience has shown that most often the “early caller” who thought the mattress wouldn’t work for them finds out they were wrong and they let us know they made the “I can’t sleep on this” call prematurely. It’s recommended that you give your new mattress a minimum of 30 days. Given sufficient time for your body to adjust to the comfort of an all latex mattress you’ll soon be one of the growing number of people who say, “I would never part with my latex bed”!!
That being said, if you give it sufficient time and it still doesn’t work for you all mattress retailers have a return policy which you can use to exchange your mattress. If you give up too soon you just may miss out on what many believe is the best supporting most comfortable mattress available for that good night’s sleep!
Please visit our website today to view in depth information in our LATEX MATTRESS CONSUMER BUYING GUIDE. You’ll find a complete explanation to all your questions on the different types of latex. Sleep E-Z is a third generation mattress manufacturer. We have 35 years of experience behind us. We introduced latex mattresses into our line early on because we realized all the benefits of latex. We offer a complete line of latex mattresses.